States where you are allowed to beat your wife.

And it is all the fault of Democrats.

Bob Dumont


Are local elections optional? Think again! Photo Credit: Wikipedia commons with an edit by the author.

Roe overturned. Gun laws expanded. Fossil fuel use remains high and Trump still won. Fellow Democrats — all of this is our fault. We couldn’t be lazier or a more whining bunch if we tried.

My neighbor and friend, John, is one of the hardest-working people I know. Starting at 5:30 AM, he commutes 90-minutes to his job, works diligently, and arrives home at about seven each evening. After a quick dinner, he assists his daughter with any homework before tidying up the house. His work schedule allows him an hour to “become numb” with the news, sports, or even a movie.

On many Saturdays, we start our weekend with breakfast and an early morning chat at his home. I always bring coffee and something to eat. His kitchen table consistently has a pile of accumulated and ignored mail.

“Do you even have time to even look at all this stuff?” I asked him.

“Mail? There is nothing but junk mail! Nothing I need comes in the mail.”

Sitting on top of the heap is an oversized postcard featuring a pudgy, bald white guy with his arms folded and a somewhat wrinkled suit.

“This was probably his finest suit, don’t you think?” I chuckled.

“What the hell is all this waste of paper? Look at this guy. Couldn’t he at least press the jacket?”

He pulls out a few similar postcards displaying postured people with a determined, no-nonsense, school of hard-knocks glare entombed by a glossy, colorful sheen. There are bullet points of accomplishments on both sides. Red text with warnings abound.

“I can’t believe how awful and wasteful this is when our planet is burning up.”

He tossed the entire pile in the trash. I waited a moment for him to step away.

“Do you know what you just threw out?”

“A pile of crap,” he adds. “There isn’t anything useful in there.”

I pulled out the card of the guy with the rumpled suit. He was making his pitch for State Senator.

“You missed this one. This guy was elected last Tuesday. He is a nightmare. I imagine you didn’t have time to…



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