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A challenge to limit your throwaways to one bag per week

This is where a lot of it ends up. Thanks to Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

What if one of your crowning achievements wound up to be a pile of nothing?

Saving the environment is a collective responsibility and the best thing we can do for our planet is to become more acquainted with what goes into the garbage. …

There are so many reasons to hate this man.

Hydeaway Bay. Credit: Author

Al Gore was a boring, pseudo-fact-laden, ex-Vice President that lost the Presidential election of 2000 from hanging chads, pregnant ballots, and the electoral loss of his own home state of Tennessee. He got what he deserved.

The last thing that was right for the world was to have a leader…

Holiday Ideas

One small, consistent thing makes big changes

It’s empty! Standing alone in our theater and hearing voices after our holiday show. Credit: Bob Dumont.

If you were given a magic superpower, what would you do to save the world? Our cinematic friends that can fly and are born with great physical and mental strength seem to be more content destroying our planet in order to save it. In their ruinous wake is the chaos…

History Rewritten

Will mass delusion be written into the history books?

credit: Author.

How will the revised history books of 2022 tell the story of the storming of the Capital on January 6th, 2020? We are recording a crucial point in our nation’s history and how the events of that day are told to students is what will be remembered for hundreds of…


Where the hell were you?

The line to vote was mostly non-existent. Photo Credit: Bob Dumont

Just a bit less than five years ago, Democratic voters were outraged at the stolen and fraudulent Presidential election of 2016. In January 2017, we turned out millions of people in protest. We stormed airports, swarmed streets, packed into causeways, parks, and great lawns in anger and solidarity. Ours was…

Voting Matters

Get out and vote!

Get out and vote! My wife — Stacy who is running for County Legislator. Credit: Author

Like a helping of broccoli, local elections are the ones that are most often passed over and left on the plate. Just like that green vegetable that is really good for you, most people choose to ignore the healthiest and most important part simply because it lacks the sizzle of…

History Rewritten

Who decides how to preserve a legacy?

Credit Wikipedia commons. The No-Fly Zones of Iraq in 1993.

The history of women in the United States before the early 1830s was written by men. The statue of the Emperor that will stand for all of time is commissioned by none other than the supreme ruler himself. The head of the king is ordered to be imprinted on coins…

Bob Dumont

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