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Running for Office

When you have fear itself, the only thing you have is fear.

The life of a candidate — Stacy For Putnam. Credit: Author

Politics is Hollywood for the ugly. This was my first attempt to dissuade Stacy, my wife of 32 years, from running for office in November 2020.

“So what is it you are saying to me?”

“I’m saying you don’t belong in politics.”

That response didn’t go as planned and if…

I walked a mile and a lifetime in her shoes.

From inside the truck, I followed close behind. Credit: Author.

Running for office in our current environment is for those that believe they can fight off two zombie armies determined to dismantle the other even if self-destruction is necessary. We can, at this moment, create two sides that will voraciously dispute whether water will run downhill. …

Stand up and protest

We just wish someone would have screamed “NO!” Now we have to live with them.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

I am always amazed to discover and read about dumb ideas that became reality. There seems to be no end to boondoggles that abdicate common-sense boundaries and run far off the road from some of the simplest rules of life.

One of the most identifiable areas we experience this continuing…

Running For Office

When you have fear itself, you should be afraid.

The Historic Canon. Photo Credit: Author.

It is difficult to ignore a guy who walks around in a Revolutionary War uniform, fires a 200-year-old cannon, and is also a Pastor of our Town. Despite all these qualifications and more, we had only briefly met him on several occasions.

Larry was a tall, stout gentleman who was…

We all love a get-rich-quick scheme. Especially the billionaires.

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

About ten lifetimes ago, at the crossroads of dunce and know-it-all streets, I was a 21-year-old manchild that was destined to become a millionaire. My plan was to become a stockbroker and work on Wall St. as a trader.

Two years later, part of that dream came true — I…

Bob Dumont

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