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Writer. Programmer. Dad. Husband. Concerned.

Climate Change

Water, water everywhere.

Standing in the Bay at low tide. Credit: Author.

Nestled between the calm waters of Cape Cod Bay and the rough Atlantic Ocean is a two-mile-wide strip of paradise called Wellfleet, Massachusetts. On the ocean side, you can swim with seals and spot Great White Sharks. At night, you can dine overlooking the more peaceful waters of the opposite…

Travel and Scuba Diving

Quiet above and below

Petting the sharks. Credit: Author.

The chaos caused by an average, ordinary breath has been on trial during the past 18 months. In it are life and love, contagion and disease. Everything precious or deadly is suspended within a gentle stir of aspiration. …

There are so many reasons to hate this man.

Hydeaway Bay. Credit: Author

Al Gore was a boring, pseudo-fact-laden, ex-Vice President that lost the Presidential election of 2000 from hanging chads, pregnant ballots, and the electoral loss of his own home state of Tennessee. He got what he deserved.

The last thing that was right for the world was to have a leader…

History — A COVID Connection

Based on information from The Journal of Christopher Columbus

Image is taken from The Journal of Christopher Columbus.

What if you landed in Heaven and didn’t know it? This is, without question, the most unforgivable error that occurred on October 12, 1492 — the day Columbus and his crew set foot somewhere in the Bahamas.

The Journal of Christopher Columbus details such a story. It also busts the…

History Revisited

I have never felt worse about myself

I am embarrassed. I am angry. I am sick.

For over ten years, one of my hobbies has been reading the journals and diaries of explorers and first-generation Americans. As a resident of the Hudson Valley in New York State, I become emotionally emaciated after reading the diaries of the…

The message gives an opportunity for excuses

A desolate LaGuardia Airport in NYC (left and center) and a packed Denver Airport. July 2020. Credit: Author.

At the height of COVID in 2020, I traveled via airplane and other means throughout the United States. Almost everyone questioned my judgment. A majority of the places I visited during the early part of 2020 did not require a mask and had few or no distancing rules.

The uneven…


Where did all my friends go?

My friends — I miss you already!

Flowering Lily Pad. Credit: Author.

After years of dawdling, rethinking, overthinking, and procrastinating I decided to take on the effort and expense of building a pond and water garden. It may have been one of the best decisions I ever made!

The Future Still Exists

An unlikely hero emerges

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

The westerly breeze along the Gulf filled the air with the acrid smell of oil. It was the 45th consecutive year of this occurrence and there was no indication it would end anytime soon.

The season of the Westerlies forced everyone to remain indoors awaiting the return of clear skies…

Part 2 —You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

The dragonfly emerges. Credit: Author

This is a continuation of Beware The Dining Needle.

It is born a killing machine and a top environmental predator. It is also a linguistic legend for those born in certain sections of Brooklyn, New York.

Enter the dragonfly.

(Insert an Asian gong sound in your head).

This insect has…

Part 1 — The Stupid Part

A crew of misguided youth and a dining needle. Credit: Author.

The long twilight shadows of late August were cast upon the young ballplayers of West 5th Street in Brooklyn, New York. The season for playing baseball in the street was coming to a close and every swing of the bat had meaning. School, which started in early September, would rob…

Bob Dumont

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